The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do To Get What You Want In Life

Listen, the majority of guys in the world are happy to just get by, but if you’re reading this right now you’re probably not one of them.

If you know what I mean when I say…

Something inside is missing for you and if you could actually get it worked out then things just might shift and come together in your life…

You have an unquenchable thirst to free yourself from a certain “stuckness” that has had a hold on you for as long as you can remember and it keeps sabotaging what you want…

There is a deep craving to be the man you’ve always wanted to be but you just don’t know what steps to take…

You feel lost and you want to quit settling for your life and feel the satisfaction and joy of knowing that you are completely aligned and on target with everything you truly want in life, relationships, sex, friends, money, career…

No matter how many products, seminars, books or videos you watch there is always some nagging thing in the way of you having the real changes you want…

Then you’re probably a diamond in the rough just waiting for the very thing that will polish you into your truly brilliant, beautiful and breathtaking self.

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 I Have A Confession To Make

All my products are designed to wake you up, give you insight and help step into a new era of you – BUT… they are limited.

There will never be a substitute for getting one-on-one feedback, reflection, guidance and coaching designed solely and specifically for YOU.

Which is why I want you to have access to my decades of experience. I am committed to your wholeness and success in every part of your life, especially with women, just as much as I am committed to my own.

 … And That, My Friend, Is A LOT.

Olympic athletes don’t just show up, they have a coach who helps them to access their full potential.

Imagine what your life could look like if you had someone who saw what you were truly capable of and could guide you to making it a reality? If you want to have a life that is worth a “gold medal” for creating, then you’ve got to get someone who can “throw dust on the invisible man,” and help you finally see yourself and the truth about what is possible for YOU.

For a reality check take a look at your life right now and play it forward a year, then five years, then ten years. Do you see yourself coming to that game changing breakthrough on your own?

I’m going to be really honest with you. The majority of guys in the world who sincerely dream of creating the life they want with incredible women, great friends, health and wealth… will grow old “trying” to figure out how do it on their own when they could have moved beyond it in a matter of months with the right coach.

If You Want True And Rapid Change In Your Life,

You Simply Cannot Do It Alone.

I have worked with hundreds of men to help them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity and especially those voices in their head that hold them back.

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My clients tell me how much they love the way I believe in them. They love that I see their brilliance and their true genius. They love that I refuse believe that the old version of them is as good as it gets.

The reason coaching is so precious is because no one can see their own blind spots. My coaching is powerful because as I help you to see your world through my eyes, your world cannot help but to transform. That’s my gift: I help you see your world through a new lens and when you start to see what I do, your world can’t help but to shift in ways that you had never even imagined.

Are you ready to:

  • Take action on the things you really want?
  • Have clarity and direction?
  • Conquer your limiting beliefs, doubts and fears?
  • Follow through on your commitments and be accountable?
  • Finally break out of the nice guy trap?

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Because If You Are, Then Here’s How It Works In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 — Click HERE to fill out a simple questionnaire so I know what is most important to you right now.

Step 2 — I’ll review your answers and make sure we’re on the same page. I’m very picky and very busy so I don’t work with just anyone. Once I see that you’re ready real growth I’ll contact you about setting up a free 30-minute breakthrough session. This is a ‘no-charge’ session where you’ll get completely clear on what you want, exactly what is holding you back and what you need to do to have a the kind of breakthrough you’re looking for in your life. I take your life seriously so it’s also an opportunity for us to find out if we’re a good fit for each other.

Step 3 — Once you’re a go, you and I will meet every week via phone or Skype (I work with clients all around the world so it doesn’t matter where you live).

*While I generally work over the phone I do also arrange customized, extended and in person sessions with the women of AMP. These can go FAR beyond the standard model of coaching and can create rapid shifts and accelerated evolution for men. This is about as special as it gets.

My schedule is generally pretty limited but I try to keep a few slots available for highly motivated clients who are ready for serious change.

Is that you?

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In Service of Your Greatness,







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What Clients Say About Garrison

“For over 15 years, I have been attending seminars, following at-home study courses, and working with personal coaches who specialize in both relationships and business.  Yet after working with so many people, my one-on-one coaching work with Garrison really stands out.

Why?  Because Garrison has a truly remarkable way of looking at life, and at helping people discover deeper truths about themselves and the world around them.  In an era that is flooded with buzzwords and mass market concepts, Garrison consistently amazes me with his ability to find precise analogies to clarify situations.

When it comes to meeting, relating to, and enjoying the pleasures of women, it is not too difficult to find people who can help you learn facts, methods, and routines that will be helpful to some degree.  I have worked with plenty of teachers/coaches like that.  However, those tools only go so far – I view them as making changes from the outside in, and Garrison does help with those as well.  But when I consider bigger questions that have answers that can be hard to put into words – how can I improve my “presence” around women, how can I become more aware and more comfortable playing with the subtle social cues around me – those are the type of questions that I know I can always ask Garrison.  Those are changes that work from the inside out – they are much more subtle but much more powerful AND have created permanent shifts in my life.

We all have our blind spots – but I’ve never met anyone better than Garrison at helping me see mine more clearly and finding my way out from under them.  Sometimes I think that Garrison perceives reality in a way that most of us are only dimly aware even exists.  His coaching has been invaluable.”

Stuart B.
Investment Manager


“Garrison is nothing short of inspiring. He’s enlightened me about dating, relationships, women and even men. He has counseled me when I was single and dating and also when I was in relationships, and his advice has been solid. Garrison is a great listener with a big heart. Not only does he have practical ideas and solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, but he also cares about his clients. At the most trying times and the most celebratory I’ve always felt in good hands with Garrison.”

Paul O
Film Editor


“Garrison is an awesome relationship coach.  He showed me how I could be authentic in ways that I’d never considered before and create a powerful presence in relationships and in life.  His advice, insight and support were invaluable.  His coaching has made a big difference in how women respond to me now.  It’s an investment that every guy should make.  I highly recommend Garrison and his authentic approach to dating and relationships.”

Keith H.
Corporate Executive


“When I first started working with Garrison I was noticing a major problem in the way that women were relating to me and I really needed some guidance. I noticed that when I would fall in love with a girl, she would start distancing herself from me. The distance would then get me triggered and everything would fall apart. It was so painful and I was living my day-to-day life feeling empty and unclear. It was very frustrating for me and I could feel it distracting me from really enjoying my own life.

Working with Garrison, what impressed me immediately was his commitment to really get my world. I have never had someone be able to listen and relate with me at that level. He was able to identify exactly what was holding me back. He showed me how I was being accommodating, giving my power away, and putting too much of my energy out there to get something. Best of all, he was able to give me practices and guidance on what steps I should take to overcome that. And he was there with me, every step of the way.

After a few months of working with Garrison, I felt much more clear and whole. No longer was I trying to put my energy out there to get sex, dates, relationships, etc. I was just enjoying the hell out of my life. Women or no women! And that’s the most amazing feeling in the world to me!

And because of that, I have never had so much attention from women like I do now! It’s just amazing how my life has completely shifted.  And the best part is that I am no longer distracted by trying to get something, instead I am fully enjoying and appreciating all the things my life has to offer. Love it! Thanks Garrison.”

Vakey R.
Software Developer


“Garrison is a great personal coach. He was so insightful and dead on in his guidance of me. In a remarkably short period of time, he was able to help me identify what I really wanted in a way that was clear and gratifying and helped me to move towards it faster than I’d originally thought I could. He created a custom program for me that allowed me to make progress in each of my goals. I’ve been methodically working through that program and seeing great results.”

Steve M.


“My sister called me one day, and told me that she had someone she wanted me to talk to, to help me through the sudden upheaval of my life’s situation.

She explained to me that he was a coach and I immediately said “No.” My resistance was based on the feeling of not needing someone to help me find the best way to make my life work, that I had the ability within myself to accomplish this on my own.

My sister is a great judge of character and insisted that I give it a try. I was reluctant to call Garrison BUT to my surprise our initial conversation left me with a feeling of someone having my back, as opposed to someone who tried to take a position of “guide” or “mentor”.

That allowed me to open up to Garrison in a way that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing otherwise.

Garrison has a gift for beginning each conversation in a way that grounds me into the present moment through a process of visualization and meditation. It relaxes me and opens me up to allow what is needed in the moment to come. Garrison has a way of listening to what I say and is able to see past the surface and actually see my souls journey… and that’s no small thing.

His insight into what I share with him is incredible. He was able to help me see things that I wasn’t seeing myself, because I simply couldn’t. He is a great mirror (and not one of those funhouse mirrors either). To keep it short-
My experience with Garrison (or G. as I call him) has been awesome in many ways. He listens, he shares his own experiences, he’s wise, he’s insightful, he is careful with his reflections, he’s effective and passionate about what he does.

I now consider G. a friend, and a coach.

Bottom line- my life is sailing right now and G. has clearly been an important piece of that.”

Pann R. 38


“I came into contact with Garrison through the Authentic Man Program. What I’d originally learned through AMP helped me to get unstuck in many ways, especially with women. As time went on, however, I found myself getting lazy and getting stuck in old thinking habits.

A series of rejections, which culminated in an especially painful one last winter, woke me up from my stupor: I wanted to get back on track, improve my relating with women, expand my circle of friends and learn again how to be more at ease in my skin… because all of that goes hand in hand, right?

This is where I decided to start coaching with Garrison.

It’s an ongoing journey while I write this. So far, the calls with Garrison have already got me some huge steps in the direction I want to go. The conversations and guided meditations have deepened my understanding about myself (yes, this actually worked for me over the phone!).

Also, Garrison has given me ideas and exercises to take on in real life: Places to go, things to do, attitudes to try out that still fit my personality. In my experience, Garrison is really tailoring these suggestions and exercises to his clients.

As a result of the inner world exploration and the outer world exercises, my social and sex life are shifting: I am having women in my life again who want to be more than just friends, and my social circle is growing bigger.

If you’re thinking about coaching with Garrison, just take the leap and try it. I recommend him!”

Stefan V.
Hamburg, Germany
Graphic Designer


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